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Thank you Mr. Information for breaking this all down

This is what happens when you back a “conspiracy theorist” into a corner. We get proof. 

DISCLAIMER : NONE OF WHAT IM SAYING NEEDS TO BE TAKEN AS ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Most of it is completely verifiable if you want to dig  but I’ve also provided links to anything I can find to make it easier on you, the people that don’t want you to see it make it very difficult to find all this. Full Stop. I AM SIMPLY PROVIDING MY OWN PERSONAL BELIEFS ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING BASED ON THINGS I HAVE FOUND OUT THAT ARE SUSPICIOUS FROM papers,articles,buried papers, peer reviewed papers etc since this all started many months ago and I’ve been updating as I go. Until it is proven it is satire as acknowledged by me – the researcher and writer of this information dump. You are to think for yourself and connect your own dots or completely dismiss it all as coincidence if you so choose! I am just giving you the keys. The answer is love and understanding. But also- good luck if you actually read this all and consider it thinking that there’s not at least SOMETHING to this all. Too many coincidences and connections. 

Everything in here was found using Reddit,Google,Bing or Duck Duck Go – this isn’t some insider secret trading conspiracy … it’s all out there , you can make the connections and go do your own research and make up your own mind. I had no secret contacts , I have no special degree that allows me to have special access to special information , I’m not a reporter , I don’t know a single politician , I know 2 people in the medical community only and they appear to be going with the narrative anyways … this is all readily available on the internet.  I give you only the keys, you choose what to do with them. 


“You can’t waste a crisis” –


are we making laws to silence the free speakers-if things they are discovering are lies , let them be discredited by the truth over time , why silence an entire alternative theory or narrative that contradicts your own unless you fear the truth escaping? Don’t answer that now – register this and ask yourself at the end. — they’re also teaching kids to rat on their families over this

Background On Gates,Fauci,WHO

Why can we not take his word on this “vaccine” . Before we dive into that we need to start with a brief history of vaccines as provided by my research and Dr.Paul Offit (Creator of the Rotavirus Vaccine that took 26 years from isolation to roll out) … he wants this fully out in 12-18 months as we’ve all heard and started human trials before research was even 2 months in ( ) – please feel free to Google or Bing him and also track down his response and questions to Bill Gates and his rushes vaccines. 

Gates is openly calling for a one world government

Before we start , Speaking of calling stuff things that are different – nearly struck from the internet entirely – Bills foundation used to be called the Bill and Melinda Institute For Population Control – I promise you this is real , it has been virtually scrubbed from the internet other than one press release ON THEIR SITE where they re worded the phrasing , why?

First I want to address vaccination that is mandatory – makes it forced (mandatory if you want free movement) is against the Nuremberg Code- directly. So it is breaking law, or ethical code.

They have all made it abundantly clear – this is the direction they want to head ( ) 

::::::::::::::::::::::Alright Lets Start:::::::::::::::::::

Let’s start by saying that along with Dr.Anthony Facui/WHO – they wish to implement a state of control and monitoring via forced mandatory vaccine with as little as 2 months research time behind it to be rolled out to absolutely everyone with a digital certificate that you will need for free movement /jobs/to be in society . Lets assume he has our best intentions at mind – even though when talking about pandemics in 2017 said there would be a surprise outbreak during the next administration Let’s hear from WHOs first director shall we? – because they’re here to protect us and our families right? 

It is also interesting to note that Fauci is in deep with the Gates family being friends with Gates Sr and recently taking $100,000 in funding from Gates himself (conflict of interest) –

( ) 

 Gates being one of the largest donors to WHO –  the corporation that is run by Tedros who has got other suspicious things around him, but that’s for another data dump. Before moving on – who , owns WHO?


Here’s a newly found PDF. From WHO that’s stated at the start of 2020 they will roll out Immunization 2030 that will serve to roll out vaccination efforts for the next decade


Also here – leave no one behind!

They were warned very early First Covid-19 case happened in November, China government records show – report | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian

But I seem to remember them telling everyone that it wasn’t even contagious In MID JANUARY FLASHBACK Jan. 14: WHO Tells Everyone Don’t Worry Because China Says Coronavirus Isn’t Contagious | The Daily Caller

on about this virus and took a $20 million dollar donation from China China to donate $20 million to WHO for COVID-19 fight – CGTN and right after started urging people not to call it the Wuhan Virus Commentary: Stop calling COVID-19 the ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ – CNA and that there was absolutely no evidence of the virus coming from a lab

But of course theres tons of it which is ALL included somewhere in this data dump) .  Now Bill Gates is calling this “PANDEMIC ONE” insinuating he is aware there will be more in numerical order to follow . – “ No one who lives through Pandemic 1 will forget it” – Bill Gates 

Everything about this reeks – right down to Bill Gates holding Event 201 a year ago – where he simulated the events of a Coronavirus Pandemic – literally a year before the outbreak –

I guess it’s notable that he is on the spectrum – he has mild autism (Aspergers)

It should be noted next that the billions Gates stands to make off the vaccine- he will  donate as much as FIFTY(50) percent of the funds collected to NIH (Faucis organization that Gates also just donated $100 million to) – can you say conflict of interest?

It would seem that WHO doesn’t want you to know it’s deep financial connections with Big Pharma either , what have they got to hide?

Here is that documentary they thought they deleted

Here is Gates telling them that “Our priorities are your priorities”

Gates Great Grandfather was a director in the Seattle sect of The Federal Reserve

They told people it wasn’t transmittable person to person and delayed the calling of a pandemic until every epidemiologist in the world was shouting it was – they even went as far as to say that they didn’t use the term “Pandemic” anymore for a month. Let me start by saying that deaths in the US are currently down 15% for the past 4 years. (

SOON – the only narrative , will be THEIR narrative. This is not freedom of information- this is dictatorship.

This woman claims to have had her life destroyed by Fauci

What exactly is ID2020 and WO2020060606?

ID2020 is a program that Tony Fauci and Bill Gates are planning on rolling out with the vaccine in the next 12-18 months. – It will make you required to have some sort of a digital certificate or marking on you, in you or that you wear in which you can be identified as “vaccinated” through quickly and easily by authority figures – it can be used in conjunction however with Microsoft’s newest patent WO2020060606 which is a device that can be worn outside or inside the body that registers movement and personal information including files and digital current. The FDA also just approved the use of human micro chipping for medical purposes today … put it all together and you get a trackable , implanted system that you can’t hide anything with and your privacy is gone…This is going to be able to hold ALL of your personal information

  …you will not have free movement or be able to work, travel etc if you don’t have one. So they will not be forced , but mandatory . It will make it impossible to have secrets or to move freely. It will be the total end to privacy as we know it to be harvested at the highest level warrant free , all to be tracked in REAL time HD A.I Controlled and 8k monitoring facial recognition system …24/7-365 … 1984 will not be fiction anymore. Big Brother WILL be watching you, always – if this is allowed to happen. Pelosi talks about the new bill to make it a “Digital Dollar” 

I want to add that a petition to stop Bill Gates ID2020 program was forcibly removed at 200,000 signatures. ( ) 

Just days before human ID Chipping listed for medical purposes was just FDA approved FDA approves computer chip for humans – Health care

Bills new Vaccine needs an electrical shock after it’s given right under the skin – kinda sounds like something electrical and tiny needs to be activated 

New coronavirus vaccine trial underway in US uses ‘skin-deep’ shots instead of jabs into the muscle | Daily Mail Online

There’s another petition to have him investigated for crimes against humanity at around 100,000 signatures right now here

WO20200606 (World Order -2020- 666) 

I’d also like to add this patent from Microsoft for a device that would be in or on the body that controls a digital currency – this would also be used for your vaccine certificates – this would be the tagging I’m talking about that you won’t be able to survive in the “New world” without .

Gates admits freedoms don’t come back til the whole world is vaccinated

How Long Do Vaccines Take? And why is THIS vaccine in particular bad even though vaccines are GOOD? 

Vaccines need to be isolated and then go through a series of research and studies . The shortest vaccine I am aware of was isolated in 1963 and rolled out to the populous in 1967 (4 years) and that was MUMPS- there was a previous vaccine for it that was developed in the 40s but it wasn’t stable and didn’t last forever , Meningitis b was isolated in a few months however – but this is after its brother Meningitis took from 1978 to 2005 to isolate and be approved . Rotavirus took 26 years – I might add the creator of the Rotavirus vaccine has some alarming questions about Gates plan for his rushes vaccine. Here are some highlights and he and what he has to say are easily findable.

Gates also funds GAVI which has been under fire for fatal Polio vaccines )

 HPV took 20 years and still has hiccups and despite TGF trying to scrub all evidence of their trials of their HPV vaccine in India that was allowed to guinea pig young women – and 7-8 of them died

Accountability of International NGOs.pdf

(THIS PDF DOESN’T TRANSFER TO GOOGLE BUT I HAVE THIS OFFICIAL DOCUMENT FROM THE INDIA GOVERNMENT – you cannot find any trace of this report on Western media or internet – or rather it is extremely difficult to find.) but here is another article on it


later this event was to be labelled as non suspicious by the Gates Foundation (Claimed Snake Bite , Suicide, Malaria etc on all the girls) – but the government still stands strong that their regulations need to be strengthen because they’re more than aware what really happened.

India cuts ties with Gates in February. 

They’ve got him dead to rights on the fact that his experimental vaccine for polio ended up paralyzing 40,000 people (https:// – Experts call the handling “unethical” and at some point was facing legal hearings from India

The Pentagon seems to think that 36% of people who got the flu shot get more likely to get COVID-19.

Could he have also sterilized 500,000 in Kenya? UN Vaccines Sterilize 500,000 Women in Kenya | The Pastor’s Chronicles

It should be noted his family physician has said that Gates straight up refuses to vaccinate  his children for whatever reason. Gates has recently chimed in saying that is false – convenient. The doctor admits he could have had them vaccinated as adults though- but they weren’t as children (Why Didn’t Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Children? – US Politics and News

Maybe we should be reading the fine print on some of these vaccines – I am pro vaccination though. I’m vaccinated , my kids will be as well . But – interesting .

Sweden is set to hit herd immunity without lockdowns or a mandatory vaccine. 

Random Links With Suspicious Or Shady Content Just becuase. 

Gates Sr. was super good friends with the man who helped Hitler invade Poland (Thomas Watson) seen here with Hitler … later Bill would go on to make very great relations with IBM with Microsoft

Gates Says a year before COVID that Vaccines look like the next best investment 

Gates admits freedoms don’t come back til the whole world is vaccinated

Bills investments in microchips

Gates invested heavily in evil cooperation MONSANTO who is responsible for the cancer causing agent ROUND UP and the biowarfare chemical AGENT ORANGE when they were LIKELY trying to introduce Genetically Modified Foods to Africa.

But what ISNT Bill saying about the GmOs? Like the birth defects in heavy growing areas?

Bills Shady Dealings With Sex Trafficker Jeff Epstein even AFTER his first conviction in 2011-2012

Bill Gates employee arrested for very bad 


How it was dealt with is strange – he’s the only person with a crime this severe to basically just be told to “Stay away from kids” and let go consequence free , like ever.

Gates donates $2 Million on behalf of Jeff Epstein

Then he evaded Questions about it.

Gates hung with Epstein at least 3 other times and potentially more times.

Let me get this straight as well…. am I to understand that Epsteins executor was a former Gates Employee and Advisor?

Such a small world isn’t it? The guy who was named in Jeffery Epstine’s will as the “successor executor,” is the former chief advisor for science and technology to Bill Gates as the title says. You can’t make this shit up. His name is: Boris Nikolic.

Here’s a good list of SOME of the people reportedly on Epsteins Lolita Express that travelled to Pedo Island  – you will find Mr.Gates on there 

No One Knows Better Than Bill! 

Gates refuses to hear out any other treatment for it other than Vaccine.

Bill alarmingly sure that the NEXT big thing would be a virus way back back – as far back as 97 – Going as far as to say we need to prepare like we do for war? what?

Bill admitting in his recent AMA that everyone will need a digital proof of vaccine ( A mark)

Bill Gates on telling Trump that creating a taskforce to look into the actual safety would be a very bad idea.Keep in mind , this isn’t DONALD who would have been researching this, this would have been top world professionals …. But I guess Bill has all the info, and they’re all good.

WHOS tetinus vaccine funded by Gates raises fertility concerns 

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses – Double Major in biology amongst many other degrees and accomplishments Gates does not have . 

Dr. Ron Paul Interview: Bill Gates & Tony Fauci Are Determined To Run The World by Vaccines

Dr. Rand Paul on Gates and Anthony trying to control the world via vaccine 

Could Bill Gates be conspiring to try to dumb down students – by fronting Common Core with Obama (An Advanced Education Program designed time accelerate student achievement)- but it’s actually reduced that and been proven. 

Gene Editing or Eugenics Mr. Gates ? Hmmm?  The Eugenics that his Rockefeller buddies were apart of with the nazis?

His father was also into Eugenics and a program about Eugenics that he was a head of , turned into Planned Parenthood.

But don’t worry – their “Good Club” wants to save you. How in your face does this have to be? Lol

Johnson and Johnson to produce the vaccine that is implemented – they just paid half a billion dollars in a lawsuit over an opioid crisis they were responsible for and then paid $2.2 billion in 2013 to end probe into their baby powder causing cancer

Here’s a good list of SOME of the people reportedly on Epsteins Lolita Express that travelled to Pedo Island  – you will find Mr.Gates on there 

This is how smart, bad people hide in plain view 

This is the real Bill, he makes himself look good and sometimes forgets he lies a lot. Here he is saying he wants to pay more taxes, and then being grilled on why he uses loopholes to avoid paying $4million in taxes.

RFKjr. on Bill Gates Plan 

A Better understanding of Gates and WHOS secret operations as released from RFKjr.

Bill Gates-funded ‘expert’ who created hysteria in the UK after predicting 500,000 Covid-19 deaths, has now been forced to back-down and admit that less than 20,000 deaths are expected Neil Ferguson (Imperial College) is the man who created total hysteria in the UK, claiming there would be half a million deaths. His prediction forced the UK into lock-down and left the economy in meltdown. Oxford University called him out, saying that 50% of the UK will have already had mild Covid, so only a small number will die. Now Neil Ferguson who receives funding from Bill Gates has backed down and admitted that the deaths would be less than 4% of the figure he originally claimed.

Imperial College scientist who predicted 500K coronavirus deaths in UK revises to 20K or fewer

The news comes after the UK government downgraded Covid-19, which is no longer viewed as a high consequence infectious disease.

Bill Gates announces development of six or seven vaccines for covid-19

Bill Gates -depopulation: Africa:

French scientists say Covid-19 vaccine should be tested in Africa

French scientist apologize after outrage at their claims….

Testing of vaccines begins in Africa

NEW video of forced vaccinations in Zambia; reports include people bleeding from their eyes and collapsing as a result

Seven infants die after being given vaccine and Ghana

From RFKjrs. Instagram post April 9th, 2020 : Vaccines for Gates are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including #Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously.

In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program.

The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines.

By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.

In 2014, the Gates Foundation tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a trial of a GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,049 children.

During Gates 2002 MenAfriVac Campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Between 50-500 children developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for drug makers”

Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates’ philantropic practices as “ruthless” and “immoral”.

In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later Gates told a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony “tetanus” vaccine campaign.

  • Independent labs found the sterility formula in every vaccine tested.

After denying the charges, the WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade.

Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.

A 2017 study (Morgensen et.Al.2017) showed that WHO’s popular DTP is killing more African than the disease it pretends to prevent. Vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children.

Gates and the WHO refused to recall the lethal vaccine which WHO forces upon millions of African children annually.

Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of – hijacking WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases; clean water, hygiene, nutrition and economic development.

They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal fetish – that good health only comes in a syringe.

In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and PATH, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, and a massive network of pharmaceutical industry front groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, develop fraudulent studies, conduct surveillance and psychological operations against vaccine hesitancy and use Gates’ power and money to silence dissent and coerce compliance.

In this recent nonstop Pharmedia appearances, Gates appears gleeful that the Covid-19 crisis will give him the opportunity to force his third-world vaccine programs on American children.



And here’s how the media responded to the allegations that you THINK would at least be …. news worthy to at least mention them true or not right? RFKjr is a very well connected man and his family always has been … but this is what you got when you searched for it    *crickets*

It’s almost as if they didn’t want to draw ANY attention to claims from someone who just might know what he’s talking about. 

Here’s how the people responded to it 

now at 250,000+ comments 99.8% anti Gates (he normally gets 2000 comments) , not all crazy , so many doctors , famous people , informed and awake people – he’s  having about 50,000 comments a day deleted (we’ve been keeping track)  , and he has deleted several of my comments as well – I even set him up and it took his people exactly 2 mins to censor me after I started a post on Reddit that got 1.3K upvotes one 2 hours and 500 comments sharing a lot of this info attached to the hastag #TEARDOWNTHEGATES ( Indoor transmission of SARS-CoV-2 | medRxiv ) 

China, The Damning Of Hydroxichloriquine and the Origins Of SARSnCOV2(COVID-19)… and how this came from A LAB, Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Cure. 

Now I’m not a doctor or a virologist but I heard a long time back that Chinese Doctors isolated the structure of the virus a long time ago (months) and found out that there is a protein spike in the the virus studied that suggests it was man made as there is some piece of HIV in the virus – [And the Chinese were openly as far back as 2010 inserting HIV into respiratory illnesses in the Wuhan Lab of Virology ](  Which was [building on this 2007 study where they tried to get HIV into a Bat like Corona Virus that wasn’t previously infectious to humans in 07]( – this protein wouldn’t be naturally occurring in a virus that developed in the wild is what I’ve heard. Anyways – because of this nasty little piece of genetic coding the virus may act differently to each host because it seems to attach itself and bind to the host in different ways based on the health of the host. If the host is already unhealthy it would appear that this virus acts very much like HIV and binds itself to the lungs specifically the [ACE2]( receptors … it then attacks the immune system causing the virus to grow and spread rapidly fast taking over your health. – what did they do to it to make it attack humans? 

This theory of mine has now been proven to be on the right track since writing this by Nobel Prize Winner / co-discoverer of the HIV virus Luc Montagnier French prof sparks furor with lab leak claim – Asia Times

It also seems to go after males in particular , and asian males even more particularly based of only ONE study that was done [suggests that asian males tested higher ](  because their ACE2 receptor count is significantly higher than other races. This is the only study of its kind and was limited as well – so take it with a grain of salt. It’s more [clearly]( broken down here. They’re finding that it in general just attacks [males harder for a vast number of reasons , including more ACE2 receptors. ](

Here is Nobel Prize winner Dr.Luc Montagnier again who discovered HIV explaining how this virus was definitely made in a lab – and definitely has pieces of HIV in it

[This wouldn’t be the first time scientists were worried about an *engineered* bat Corona Escaping ]( – which it looks like they have very recently been told to update and go with the official narrative of it was *not* a man made virus like. Or like in [1977 when a virus escaped in China they believed may become a pandemic ](  even this CNN reporter found evidence of it [coming from a lab ](

It has been shown to stay in the [nervous system ]( even after death and gives the victim in many circumstances many variety of symptoms and unpleasantries bases on the victims previous health. Many doctors are not aware of this let alone talking about it , and I think that’s because it would highly highly highly ([Along with the opinion and research of many leading professionals, even though officially it is still stated that there is no evidence – I’m literally posting the evidence in this post though for you ]( ) suggest that COVID-19 escaped a lab some how [Here is an official report from Chinese Scientists ]( – which also wouldn’t surprise me seeing as [China also has a history of letting respiratory illness escape their P4 Lab in Wuhan . ](  .. Doctors have also since figured out that COVID-19 does cause irreversible damage and does have [HIV like characteristics ]( – it was noted again [here that I found ](,000-times-more-potent-) …. One reason for mass spread though could be [re-infection as doctors are finding that even once cured – you are not cured. ](

Many of the Chinese doctors that were trying to warn people about this stuff have since disappeared or have died from COVID-19 . You’d have to ask yourself , why keep this under wraps though?

Recently arrested Harvard Professor was working on Nano technology virus transmitters with Wuhan Lab. 

Also scientists and [studies]( suggest there are 2 strains which is also being suppressed a lot. There is an L and an S strain confirmed.

One is significantly more dangerous and aggressive than the other. I believe [The L Strain]( is the volatile one. More recently it has been suggested that there are up to [8 different strains circulating now? ]( … I’m not sure if this part is true but [Thailand is claiming almost 50 strains ? ](

[And all in all – This isn’t even the second time a deadly virus came from China – they seem to a bad track record with SARS and quite possibly Spanish Flu ]( and also [Here]( and 

[Also here ]( Oh – what about [here ]( I guess you could say [here as well ]( … also , if they had of got their shit together and [acted properly and quickly the could have stopped the pandemic all together ](

And if this virus was really in origination from a bat in soup – [Why is China even bothering to blame it on a bioweapon from the States? ](  – that should be enough to tell anyone that even the Chinese who released the official report of origin of COVID-19 , they have an alternate theory that it is a bioweapon … why even bring bio weapon or it being brought [I’m up at all in any way shape or form? ](  into the argument if it’s not a possibility? [This is another great read suggesting that this virus is in fact a bioweapon ]( – just of course not their own. Not that it’s relevant to my point but The FBI is very interested in the espionage and theft China has been [committing ]( as well – they went after everything from defence and military detail to our food pricing… so they’re definitely meddling with the West.

It seems that the espionage with Harvard could reach Yale and MIT (The School Gates paid $2 million for in Jeff Epstiens name)

And WHY THE FUCK  are we not asking questions about them hiring 2 million people to spread disinformation about the origins of the virus and edit any anti CCP information that may surface

[Here’s a fun 60 Minutes Segment ](

EDIT : I just found the article [where it’s stated they knew about it way back in November as well. ](

Here’s a huge data dump publicly released recently as well on how this came from a lab and of course here

And finally – finally fucking CNN is admitting it as possibility

Canada is on board with Hydroxichloriquine

Top Israeli prof claims simple stats show virus plays itself out after 70 days | The Times of Israel … regardless of shut downs potentially. Sweden with no lock downs set to hit herd immunity


A new study confirming the effectiveness of Hydroxichloriquine and Azithromycin. 

It is possible that they were planning on telling the public that it was now aerosolized as I heard murmurs of ONE study back in December suggesting it was in a lab – but now the suggestion that it maybe , has been redacted –

It should be noted now that we’ve established that China definitely has some

Nefarious intentions with COVID-19 – that Bill being connected and donating to China amidst the cover up is – suspicious.

ONE THING IS FOR SURE – you CANNOT have a $0.16/ a dose cure floating around when you spent billions and years on a secret plan to overthrow democracy and forcefully uproot everyone’s core beliefs and values to have them give up their rights for ID2020 WO2020060606 mandatory vaccination campaign can you? It’s really counter productive. And if we’re being realistic – if Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation turns out to be a thing – it’s basically light , a free treatment for MANY diseases … I wonder why it was “forgotten” for 80 years. – Harvard Professor charged in US/China Espionage. 

Cumo recently admitted that the death rate is actually just 0.5% and it’s not that bad.

New York Gov. Cuomo reveals preliminary data from antibody study | ABC News

Doctor explaining how they inflate the 

numbers of COVID –

Just…..WOW!!  Wanna Open the World Back Up?  Share THIS!! – The News explaining that EVERYONE that has COVID at time of death will be listed as COVID death regardless of wether or not it was even bad 

Study conducted in China about using disinfectants to combat SARSnCOV2 (Ethanol)


It would seem that UV light (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) as a leading cure for pneumonia amongst other diseases and was forgotten to time. Starting back in the 40s .

Here is the company that is heading the use of light in the Coronavirus fight

Twitter and YouTube have already blocked the accounts of the bio labs developing the UV cure and have silenced them on their platforms

 Newly leaked 600 page document in the UK details that there would be a 3 stage pandemic to prepare for and even had times of infection ahead of time. This proves it was planned and man made. 

Going along with “population control” – the virus could take over a decade off your life just for having HAD it.

Proof that the hospitals reporting the “plandemic” numbers have a direct conflict of interest – money.

The hospitals are literally paid MORE to diagnose patients alive or dead as being COVID positive –

Nurse blows the whistle on doctors knowingly “murdering” patients in the ICU and they think it’s funny/purposely avoiding treatments proven effective . Patients are being killed in NY hospitals!

This is a French paper detailing how in Canada they will take you to a vaccination location and forcefully vaccinate you if you do not submit. This is French but that is the translation.

Also in a French – but it states more provinces this will be rolled out in such as Ontario

And they’re Right On Schedule 

The feds arresting people for giving people VITAMIN C –

::::::::::::Let’s Put It All Together::::::::

Final Closing Statements Tying The Whole Debacle Together : 

This is a giant GLOBAL conspiracy to push the world into a New Order of things that they’ve been talking about for 100 years right infront you- I’m sure you’ve heard of Manifest Destiny ? That’s because it has to be manifested , but it’s destiny , I’m sure you’ve heard of The New World Order … but were all too distracted with the media and their narratives – that are all owned by about 4 corporations as proven in this amazing documentary Out Of Shadows about how you have been manipulated and controlled your entire life. It’s one week old and has almost 10 million views and is being shared by huge names – there’s also big names attached to the documentary but – this will explain how your views and ideas aren’t yours – they are programmed .. you are and always have been controlled with the illusion … you’ve been too busy living the American Dream – and it’s called that cause you have to be asleep to experience it (George Carlin) – here is a link to this amazing tell all from inside the media ( – OUT OF SHADOWS(2020) – incredibly reputable people , with extremmmmmmely educated backgrounds in these subjects coming forward. READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH FORWARD AFTER WATCHING THE DOCUMENTARY – you must take that information in and see it with your own eyes and hear it with your ears for you to understand the next part . DONT READ PAST HERE IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO UNDERSTAND. This is the easiest quickest way to lay it out without me having to do months of research finding things again and posting here… just watch it , it’s phenomenal. Another documentary is a really long one called Fall Of The Cabal but it’s more of an after this watch – it just goes into it more ( ) 

And if you feel like going just a litttttle deeper(Has been removed now Becuase “someone” complained) – check out this factual Diddy on Pedogate PEDOGATE 2020 | In-Depth Exploration (NEW INFO)


Here heavy weight champ, best selling author , anti bullying children’s public speaker David Rodriguez on it .

Anyways – this is the plan , the idea is to get us used to a life that is more controlled and monitored – they’re starting with the rights infringements everywhere.

 The anti vax movements as of recent aren’t because vaccines are or aren’t bad – most aren’t bad , most ARE good , but rushed vaccines are bad , rushed vaccines they want us to take because other vaccines are good and don’t want resistance- so therefore they wanted to have a term to attach to anyone who might catch onto the fact that they plan to give the entire world an unstable vaccine to discredit them to the masses through media on a global scale (Anti-Vaxxer) – this is the same concept of when the CIA made up the term (Conspiracy Theorist) to discredit narratives they didn’t approve of as lunacy. SOME of the vaccines will work – they know this , a lot of the vaccines are going to have adverse side effects – mark my words two of the side effects will either be getting the advanced stages of the virus and death (it is called Shedding , and they know about it

– or sterilization – as you know from reading all this you already know Fauci has stated the issue with rushed vaccines Is that the virus could actually infect the patient (Shedding) and you know that Gates has used the term that vaccines could be used for depopulation (I talk about this later as well)

Here is proof the government spreads sickness knowingly and then covers it up(or rather is capable of it)  – meaning they’re more than capable of repeating the ole Small Pox Blanket Trick

– so remember that… these people are extremely smart – this is why Bill wants Indemnification ( ) – this means he is not able to be held legally responsible for anything that happens as a result of the vaccine … which means to me that he knows it’s gonna be bad ,and they’re gonna roll it out anyways and then claim innocents from not enough time … they’ve already said there’s time constraints – they’re covering their asses.  They’re also drafting a straight up law that releases manufactures from liability already

This is all happening more quickly than they wanted. They held Event 201 just last year , but like him or not Donald Trump is the direct enemy of the Deep State, their agenda and everyone involved in all this shit… right now , he is conducting raids to rescue a MASSIVE underground network of children sex trafficking rings uncovered in the Epstein and Weinstein trials … that leads back to (and that will be shown to you) back to The Clinton Foundation and HUNDREDS high ranking politicians , celebrities and businessmen/women  – this is likely why so many CEOs have stepped down in the past month ( ) and one of the reported places kids are being held underground is actually Disneyland (this is no joke- Disney and their roots to all this evil is highlighted in Out Of Shadows doc). This is likely why the death toll is no where near as high , why it seems to be central and most active where people that appear to be connected have the most influence … we see high level politicians such as Fauci , Trudeau not practicing isolation or social distancing at all …. This is a joke to them. 

The whole plan is to gain mass control – a New World Order (

and surveillance over the people. This will all be done via Bill Gates ID2020 program where they start at first with proof of vaccination to be apart of society – you will be tracked in real time on the new super fast 5G grids (that’s why they don’t want you to know the health risks – because they’re the technology that can handle their goal of mass surveillance and they need it for this next step. 

( keep in mind the telecom companies are all cooperating with the government right now and giving them citizen gps and digital information without warrant under the guise of pandemic (

  • that’s not gonna go away , they’re going to expand on it – until they take cash away , that’s the next step and they’ve already planted the seed with their MsM articles detailing how cash spreads germs and viruses – they will then implement digital currency so you can’t hide anything , and so they can take it if you don’t want to be apart of the system … keep in mind , your rights don’t just come back after this .. we have allowed this to happen. Here is the LITERAL Microsoft Patent (#2020060606) 2020-666 …. the patent is for technology to control a digital currency from something controlled IN OR ON the body – you can’t make this up – here is the patent —>

I’m not an avid believer in The Devil or religion period – but if that’s not the mark of the beast I don’t know what is …CNN just now referring to COVId as “The Beast” … do you get it – everything is going to be digitally tracked, we are getting the “Mark Of The Beast” wether you believe in heaven and hell or not. I don’t. And you will learn as you dive into this – that the elites , wether real or not – hold much value and passion for the occult and satanism – this should have already been proven and made very explicit in the documentary OUT OF SHADOW – the expose of Hollywood, Washington and Big Business.  This is Issac Kappy – he died in a very tragic death after spreading information , names and details about the elite cabal pedo rings from first hand experiences and here 

Here’s another dive into the occult and what they’re into and think is magik (with a k and not a C) Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception by Chuck Swindoll

Microsoft just took down a video with known Spirit Cooker, Satanist , Occultist Marina Abramovic

And are now trying to say she’s not a Satanist on the MsM and she wants people to leave her alone –

she is a satanist and a spirit cooker. See OUT OF SHADOWS) 

Here is Spirit Cooker and Center of recent controversial Microsoft Ad Marina Abramovic with Lord Rothschild posing Infront of the painting where Satan is summoning his army in this painting by Thomas Lawrence in a pieced called “ Satan summoning his legions” –

The plan first is to create civil unrest so the rest of the plan can be forcefully implemented via Marital Law – they want us to riot … and it’s working.  See links below next excerpt.

Armed protesters demand an end to Michigan’s coronavirus lockdown orders

They’re staging media to make it look like there are heroics going on against the tyranny that is opposing their narrative . This is just irresponsible


Counter-Protesters in Scrubs Block Anti-Lockdown Campaigners in Denver

Cop Served At Home After Arresting Mother At Park Citizens have had enough , cops can’t answer the hard questions. 

Here’s leading epidemiologist Knut Wickowski where he explains that the worst thing for respiratory illness is being inside – you need to get out , yet we’re locked in – and it seems in early Chinese studies only 2

Cases compared to 1245 others that were looked at came from outdoor spread Indoor transmission of SARS-CoV-2 | medRxiv

This whole end goal is to enslave humanity into a one world system , with one currency , and a select group of people controlling absolutely everything(Basically nothing changes except our lives , they get controlled and worse- and their lives get easier and they don’t have to hide anymore- we just accept the agenda) all while depopulating and building the abilities to surveil and monitor in HD real time 24/7-365 with AI facial recognition , digital ID tags and a completely controlled life and narrative , strictly controlled by these few people – goodbye “democracy”, Hello 1984. This is an orchestrated plan by the cabal – by George Soros, Bill Gates , The Rockefeller’s, Rothschilds , big government , big Pharma , major media and the elitists of the world. Ask yourself – do you think they care about you? They can do whatever they want … think about it. Here is how all of the societies of the Deep State that really control things  all connect to each other in a nice little chart

Remember that time the Rockefeller’s and Nixon were interested in population control – this is long talked about and planned.

The reason the vaccine is rushed is because they need this to work before Donald Trump exposes them, which he’s started a full on assault in the shadows on quicker than they could. …this is why they have been trying so hard to get you to hate him literally every single place you turn , this is why the hate and smear campaign has been tireless yet he still hasn’t been convicted of anything – it’s becuase they’re grasping at straws , and now they want you to believe that this virus is HIS fault. And Donald Trump resisted their COVID scare and is trying against all odds to make all of the elites in the world bow down – think about how arrogant that son of a bitch is and tell me that is not what he’s doing. 

I’m not a Trump Supporter at allll – I don’t agree with so many things he does and says … but he is doing a few things right- that they don’t like. he’s trying to implement the gold standard again (money with monetary and not hypothetical value) – the Us Treasury quietly just took back the Federal Reserve which was initially just owned by some wealthy bankers who controlled all the money … this was the first step – the next step is the cabal – this is David Rodriguez (Heavy Weight Champ, Anti Bullying Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author) – he is confirming what I am saying right here after the Out Of Shadows doc came out . 

EVERYONE is in on it almost – or at least most people. They are going to model it after current day China , and China will have a very large stake in this – they are wildly connected to the entire thing as I’m sure we can all agree now. 


“I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.”

John D. Rockefeller

MOTIVES : To seize Absolute Power/Control over the financial institutions, society, the world . They already control the media and medical institutions… they just need the last pieces. They’re all friends – you’ve been lead to believe you have choice and that there is actually disagreement between most countries – this is not the case.  <—- Rockefeller is funding and on board with ID2020 <—— Epstein was a member of their board. 

THE GANGS ALL HERE (Gates Sr, Tony Fauci , David Rockefeller , George Soros etc- they’re alllllll buddies and have been a very very long time.

Gates Sr as I mentioned earlier was also very close with the founding CEO of IBM – who was very close with Hitler, and Gates Jr. later bonded a very close relationship with IBM – here is Thomas J Watson with Hitler (he helped him invade Poland) 

In 1931 The Rockefeller Organization sponsored the man who infected Puerto Ricans with Cancer cells intentionally

The Rockefeller’s have a massive history with China

And they’re also heavily influencing and connected to WHO and have been a long long time

That’s why COVID was delayed in response by virtually every country , that’s why virtually every country hid numbers , had reports of of falsities , had whistleblowers disappear or discredited , this is why there are so many published theories and so much media confusion – that’s why the boarders stayed open too long – that’s why it was almost ridiculous how long WHO took to call a pandemic (Also could have been to wait on the Pandemic Bonds to mature worth $425 million) … but they weren’t ready because Trump spring their plan early.,..the vaccine and virus weren’t  ready entirely and Donald Trump started after them with his plan before they had a perfect bioweapon that would have spread like they initially wanted… now they have to fabricate numbers that there’s more deaths as they couldn’t get the deadly strain to spread as much or as fast – There are reports from doctors stating they’re being instructed to list anyone dying as COVID-19 and they also receive more funding for the more COVID deaths. They are trying to draw this out as long as possible  and make it as scary as possible so that when they say they have a vaccine – everyone lined up quicker than you can say GO just to get away from this shit- it’s called conditioning. 

They had to go ahead with it early though  and they’re now losing control because all their pieces weren’t in place yet and This is also why Donald doesn’t seem to give a fuck – he knows what it was meant to be and what it was – he also knows what’s being done about it. Just this once, just this once I think he has intentions that are good for us – but also because those good intentions would literally label him able to have the biggest ego , most power , all the credibility/gloating rights, he’d be a hero and no one could say different … and most of all , he’d of been right and you’d of been wrong … imagine how Donald that sounds- it would also push SO many financial competitors completely out of the way – cause they’ll be dead or in jail on crimes so bad they’ll never see light again. Here is a recent incident where the VERY trusted media station CNN was flat out lying to create panic that hospitals didn’t have proper equipment conspiring against Elon Musk

Don’t let it happen – don’t be apart of this. 

The people you think are the good guys have very sinister plans for us. – FUCK OFF. 

Thank you for your time. I do not claim to be right about absolutely anything – this is just the suspicious facts I have put together to come to my own conclusions from a long stint in isolation , so take it all with a grain of salt please- you can come to your own conclusions…as stated in the start of this… I am simply giving you keys to unlock doors you probably didn’t see , because you’re not supposed to see them. 

BONUS MATERIAL – cause why not? 

Not totally related but not unrelated being as they need it for “The Grid”  – here’s some shit on 5G they don’t want you to know. They’re using the story that there are conspiracy theorists saying they cause COVID-19 to drive a point that conspiracy people are nuts – it does however cause cancer.  I don’t believe that 5G causes COVID but it may remove oxygen from lungs – there is some study on this – along with these other interesting things just to come full circle on all these fucking conspiracies these days. 

Parents Say 5G Cell Tower Causing Cancer In Children

Cell Tower Removed from School After Multiple Students and Teachers Diagnosed with Cancer

Ripon Parents Say School’s Cell Tower Is Causing Cancer – CBS Sacramento

5G is coming, but not everyone is happy about it – CNET

5G service is coming – and so are health concerns over the towers that support it – CBS News

toxicology_letters_pre_proof.pdf  – damn – the potential to direct energy via the towers in concentrated beams… I don’t know the science behind this or if it’s true but it’s weird and notable. 

5G isn’t the same as 5Ghz wi fi I keep seeing posted about people feeling silly it’s already in their homes and they’re fine.

Also – here is the insanely controversial interview with David Ike on what he thinks the pandemic and 5G is all about – I imagine there’s some fact in there seeing as how they are taking it down and discrediting it as fast as people can put it back up.

And I’m not stoked that Alex Jones is the one who saved this from deletion and re posted it – but here is the FULL interview that is literally ridiculously hard to find in full . Watch Banned David Icke 5G Interview In Full

They also may or may not be planning a catastrophic event that they’re aware of – Project Atlas – a coming asteroid.

Asteroid Terrestrial Impact Last Alert System (Project Atlas)

There is in fact a comet on course to pass earth this month  and some scientists and astronomers believe we are  in its path on its return trajectory. 

Written and researched by Mr. Information 

Qualifications – 0 

How I was able to do it – Too much time on my hands 

So please feel free to take this all as lunacy brought on by social distancing! 

How was I able to obtain all these documents , reports and information ? I wasn’t lazy and dug deeper than the Main Stream Media always tells me- you can too as I stated in the disclaimer – this isn’t some secret insider mission – this is available information. 

Stay Vigilant , Think Freely , Love Together

Mr. Information 


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